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Winter toilet lid cover cloth washer or horses?
Taizhou zhonggang chemical & construction Co.,Ltd.  Time:2014-2-26 16:11:26
    To a cold day , before a lot of people used to put flannel for toilet gasket , but more and more people are changing this year, the smart toilet cover .

    Recently, the intelligent toilet cover not only within the major home stores sell , and some directly into a supermarket , the price is more public, the price mostly between 1000-2000 , and the price of smart toilet lid lacking big brands.

    " The basic price of smart toilet every five thousand yuan or more, many families have installed the toilet , because the toilet for a long life , good to throw away the toilet , and then spent more than 5,000 yuan for smart toilet is too wasteful , but for a smart toilet cover is feasible . " Kohler bathroom staff told reporters that the so-called smart toilet , in fact, it is different from ordinary toilet cover , install it with intelligent devices. So replace the ordinary toilet intelligent toilet seat , in fact, is your home have a smart toilet .

     Intelligent toilet seat usually have warm water, heated seat , warm air drying and other features. This not only allows the toilet will not feel cold in winter , but also for women , the elderly, more convenient and hygienic. Such as bending over to wipe mobility of the elderly , older, stooped inconvenient, accidentally fall , then, is very dangerous, the use of smart toilet cover only need to press a button , you can rinse with warm water , can be drying, easy and convenient .

    For women, lower body clean is especially important , and after each rinse , you can prevent the growth of bacteria , but also to avoid the menstrual gynecological diseases caused by improper cleaning .

    However, the survey found that in order to meet the market demand , more and more businesses have launched a smart bathroom toilet seat , so the prices are getting lower and lower .

    However, as technology is not mature enough , and no corresponding national technical standards, there are some smart toilet lid is specious table. For example , there are consumer complaints , he purchased a smart self-heating toilet seat cover is beginning to make him feel very comfortable.

    However, when the weather is hot , and he chose not heating, seat heating the still hard . There are cleaning the water ejected position allowed directly to wet the toilet man 's pants .

    Insiders said that many manufacturers are smart toilet lid cover high-tech aura of its own products , features many looks , but in reality is not. The so-called smart toilet cover the most basic is washing, drying and heating functions , the other functions mostly just a gimmick .

    Consumers should try to choose well-known brands, so that even if a problem occurs , there is a certain security service .
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