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Cleaning the toilet lid there any good way
Taizhou zhonggang chemical & construction Co.,Ltd.  Time:2014-2-26 16:11:26
When cleaning the toilet lid, do not let the abrasive chemicals and cosmetics (such as nail polish and aftershave) direct contact with the toilet seat cover, because they will damage the surface.Wood cover patterned require special maintenance and cleaning, use only a mild detergent (such as dishwashing detergent) for cleaning. With removable soft foam ring toilet seat cover, do not put in the dishwasher, clothes dryer or other heat-cleaning appliances for cleaning. You can use dish detergent to clean the cover with water, or use a toilet seat cover for cleaning agents, with a soft sponge or cloth to clean. After the rinse, wipe dry with a soft towel and then dry the cover, make sure the key parts to dry completely. If you remove the toilet cover, consider using a large basin to help clean.
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