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Winter toilet lid cover cloth washer or horses?
Taizhou zhonggang chemical & construction Co.,Ltd.  Time:2014-2-26 16:21:19

Replacing a toilet lid:Some use the toilet lid screws, in which case, you only need to find the screw cap with a wrench to screw down, then put on a new line.Installed in the open screw cap is easily screwed directly down, install the screw cap in the dark can not see, usually located near the toilet tank in the side after opening the lid to the tank to touch the general direction of the past can be found.

Replacing two toilet lid:If it is fixed with bolts toilet, when replacing the toilet lid, simply remove the toilet bolts to the rear of the toilet seat be removed.After a good amount of size, screw hole distance, width and length of the toilet lid, and then buy a new toilet seat be replaced when the operation can be carried out in the opposite direction to tighten the screws when installing.

Replacing three toilet lidDifferent style toilet lid installation is different, there is attached to the bottom of the toilet lid toilet position is screwed up, stretched down the toilet as long as the rear position to find unscrew the screws on both sides, we can win the whole lid , and then replace the toilet lid, this approach is also the most convenient.

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